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Aluminum product is light silver metal and common deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steel making. It has malleability while forming a layer of the oxide film to prevent the corrosion of the metal in moist air.
  • Aluminum Block
    The aluminum block is a kind of strong deoxidizing element, It can refine grain, restrain the aging of carbon steel and improve the toughness of steel at low temperature.
  • Aluminum Pellets
    The aluminum granule is widely used in steelmaking. It can not only control the composition of molten steel but also play an important role in deoxidizing.
  • Aluminum Wire
    Advantages Of Aluminum Wire 1. To calm liquid steel, aluminum wire can play a role in preventing bubbles from forming during the solidification of molten steel. 2. The dispersed AIN particles are formed.
  • Ferro Aluminum
    Ferro aluminum is a compound deoxidizer. It is used for deoxidizing alloying of low carbon aluminum killed steel, to get a good effect of deoxidization. It is especially suitable for the deoxidizing requirement of continuous casting steel.
About YURUI Your Trustful Partner Of Metallurgical Material Manufacturer
Jiangyin Yurui Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of alloy cored wire and aluminum products. It has enjoyed steady growth and diversification ever since. Certified to the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standard, our main production equipment include a core wrapping machine, rolling mill, electric furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, etc.

Our products are the top choice in steel mills around the world. We are proud of our reputation for superiority and consistency, and we adopt extremely strict inspection standards. We have professional laboratories and inspectors. We only use top-grade materials, and all raw materials are weighed, documented, and inspected at our factory.
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  • Technical Guide
    Technical specification for cored wire Instructions for cored wire equipment Control the production technology process Technology standard and operation rules Final inspection procedure for quality of coated wire production
  • Alloy Cored Wire Process
    Purchasing the raw material→Inspection and acceptance→Crushing into powder→Batching→Roll→Final inspection→Packing→Delivery
  • Cored Wire Operation Specification
    Cored wire is a linear material that is formed by powder additives of a certain size and wrapping in a continuous thin steel strip, with the help of a wire feeding machine to make the cored wire at a certain speed through the surface to the inner steel or iron of ladle.
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