Alloy Cored Wire Process

Cored wire is a linear material that is formed by powder additives of a certain size and wrapping them in a continuous thin steel strip, and wind it into a reel. According to the different core powder, the function and use of the cored wire are different.

Now there are varieties of cored wires for steel making, specifications are also diverse. The encased core powder can be divided into single-core powder and mixed core powder.

  • Composition: steel belt, cored powder, and related packaging.

  • Production process: first, put the steel strip into the forming device for initial forming, the core powder is added through the relevant hopper to the forming steel strip, the forming roll is wrapped and formed, then fold seal bite, compact, finishing and other processes wrapped into a cored wire with arbitrary length, then winding to a regular coil by the winding device, finally packing them correspondingly.

  • Use process: in the steel mill or foundry wire feeding processing station with the help of wire feeding machine to make the cored wire at a certain speed through the surface to the inner steel or iron of ladle. With the continuous melting of the steel strip, the inner powder of cored wire slowly enters into the molten steel or molten iron, through interaction, the purpose of treating molten steel or molten iron is achieved.

  • Classification of core-coated wire: according to the core powder can be divided into calcium silicon cored wire, silicon manganese calcium wire, silicon calcium barium wire, barium aluminum wire, aluminum calcium wire, calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire, etc., according to the difference of wire diameter generally divided into 9mm,13mm,16mm.

Ф9mm Medium size cored wire, suitable for ladle up to 20T and most of cast iron spheroidization applications

Ф13mm Steel industry-standard core wire, suitable for all kinds of ladle and alloy smelting 

Ф16mm Suitable for adding alloy in a large ladle

  • In addition, the cored wire has solid cored wire, include the core powder is solid and the whole is solid.