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Alloy Cored Wire Video

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  • What Should Be Paid Attention to when Storing Aluminum Wire?

    1. What problems should be paid attention to when storing aluminum wire?Ensure that the environment where the aluminum wire is stored is ventilated and dry. Don't put it in a humid place. Everyone...
  • Common Problems and Solutions of Metal Casting Supplies

    Factors that affect the quality of metal casting suppliesThe first is the design process of castings. When designing, in addition to determining the geometry and size of the casting according to the w...
  • Classification Of Alloy Cored Wires

    1.According to the section shape, there are circular (line diameter 5-9mm) and rectangular (16mmx7mm, 12mmx2mm),etc;2.According to the type of powder, there are single, composite, a variety of single mixed,etc;3.According to the...