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Analyze the Rate of Return of Cored Wire Application

Cored wire is a common product used to purify molten steel. At present, calcium cored wires include seamless pure calcium cored wires, seamed pure calcium cored wires, alloy calcium cored wires, and dual-core cored wires.

It is concluded that the amount of cored wire decreases with the increase of calcium yield through calculation, which is related to the type of cored wire, and the difference is large. Under the condition of the same calcium yield, the mass fraction of calcium in the seamed pure calcium cored wire is higher, and the dosage advantage is obvious.

The cost of cored wire also decreases with the increase of calcium yield and is related to the type of cored wire for steel making, and the difference is large. Under the condition of the same calcium yield, the dosage advantage and price of the seamed pure calcium cored wire determine its significant cost advantage.

1. Cored wire manufacturers and steel companies should comprehensively consider various economic indicators when choosing cored wire. It is not necessarily appropriate to obtain a higher calcium yield simply from improving the structure of the cored wire.

2. The seamed pure calcium cored wire has significant advantages in dosage and cost, but it is still necessary to further increase the calcium mass fraction in it, such as reducing the thickness of the steel shell, increasing the wire diameter, and increasing the density of the core material.

3. Calcium cored wire has obvious cost advantages. It still has certain market competitiveness after increasing the calcium mass fraction in its core material.

Aiming at the calcium recovery rate of 30%, developing a new type of wire feeding gun, optimizing the wire feeding technology, and greatly reducing the amount and cost of cored wire will be our important research directions in the future.

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