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Application and Characteristics of Cored Wire

The cored wire is to crush various additives (deoxidizer, desulfurizer, alterant, alloy, etc.)that are to be added to molten steel or molten iron into a certain particle size and then use cold-rolled low carbon steel strip to include it into the composite material of any length.


Application of wired core

The cored wire technology is a refining method outside the furnace developed on the basis of jet metallurgy in the 1980s. It can purify the form of steel inclusions in steelmaking, improve the castability of molten steel, and improve the performance of steel. And it can significantly increase the yield of the alloy, reduce the consumption of the alloy, reduce the cost of steelmaking, and have significant economic benefits.

As a cored wire manufacturer, Yurui manufactures various metallurgical materials, such as aluminum cored wire and other aluminum products for steel making.


Features of wired core

1. It is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly increase the recovery of alloy, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time, and accurately control the composition.


2. Alloy cored wire plays the role of purifying molten steel and partially changing the nature and shape of inclusions, improving the quality of molten steel, and improving the casting state.


3. There are two types of cored wire for steel making: internally drawn and externally released. The mechanical equipment required for feeding the wire is simple and reliable, and it takes less space. The internally drawn cored wire is especially suitable for use in narrow places.

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