Application Principle and Development Trend of Cored Wire

Wire feeding technology is the general term for cored wire production technology and cored wire application technology. The realization process of this technology: a thin steel belt is used on the core-spun machine, and various additives (deoxidizers, desulfurizes, alterants, alloys, etc.) that are to be added into molten steel or molten iron are broken into certain particle size and wrapped into a cored wire of any length. Then with the help of the wire feeding machine, the cored wire is passed through the slag layer on the surface of the molten steel or molten iron at a certain speed to the bottom of the steel ladle or hot metal ladle. With the continuous melting of the outer skin of the cored wire, the additives wrapped in it will slowly enter the molten steel or molten iron. The purpose of refining outside the furnace (deoxidation, desulfurization, deterioration, spheroidization, creeping ink, alloying, etc.) is achieved through the interaction of additives with the surrounding molten steel or molten iron.

With the rapid development of wire feeding technology in various fields, the demand for alloy cored wire is increasing day by day. The automatic dosing core-spun machine with high manufacturing speed and a high degree of automation will be the development direction of the future core-spun line production technology. In addition, the development of new, efficient, and environmentally friendly cored wire powder is also one of the important links in the continuous development of wire feeding technology.

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