Classification Of Alloy Cored Wires

  • According to the section shape, there are circular alloy cored wires (line diameter 5-9mm) and rectangular alloy cored wires (16mmx7mm, 12mmx2mm), etc;

  • According to the type of powder, there are single alloy cored wires, composite alloy cored wires, a variety of single mixed alloy cored wires, etc;

  • According to the outgoing way of division, there are external alloy cored wires and internal shaft alloy cored wires;

  • According to the forming method, there are lap type alloy cored wires, welding type alloy cored wires and bite type alloy cored wires, etc;

  • According to the state of core material, there are loose alloy cored wires and integral alloy cored wires (powder extrusion forming).

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