Emission Reduction Effect of Cored Wire Technology In Cast Iron

The cored wire technology. a revolutionary method for for cleaner production, is to desulfurize, spheroidize and inoculate molten iron, thereby improving the intrinsic quality of molten iron, reducing consumption, greatly reducing costs, saving energy, reducing or eliminating environmental pollution from processing operations, and achieving mechanization or automation of processing operations. The practice has proven that compared with the traditional flushing method, as a leading cored wire manufacturer, we will introduce you following advantages of the cored wire technology for molten iron treatment:

1. The content of residual magnesium in the molten iron makes it stable within a small range of a certain order of magnitude (the deviation of residual magnesium content is 0.002~0.004% and the ratio of different orders of magnitude);

2. The yield of alloys or additives is high, which can greatly reduce the number of alloys or additives (the ratio of 3~5.0 kg/ton to 12-15 kg/ton), thereby saving resources and reducing energy requirements;

3. The temperature drop of cored wire technology processing operations is small (the ratio of 30-50 ℃ to 90-110 ℃), which can greatly save electric energy;

4. Fewer silicon increases, so a large number of recycled materials can be used (the ratio of 60-70% to 10-20%), which can greatly reduce production costs;

5. The flue gas produced by the operation can be managed to make the dust content in the air ≤150 mg/m³, thereby eliminating environmental pollution and achieving cleaner production;

6. It is suitable for foundries and processing packages of various scales, and is easy to convert gray iron and ductile iron production;

7. The operation is simple, and multiple operations such as desulfurization, spheroidization and inoculation can be completed within one operation;

8. It can produce the casting whose weight is twice the melting capacity; thus greatly saving equipment investment;

9. The alloy cored wire technology can realize the mechanization and automation of processing operations, thereby eliminating heavy physical labor;

10. The amount of slag is small and the dry slag is easy to remove, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers;

11. It can save the spheroidization recession;

12. Small maintenance workload and convenient maintenance.