How Much Do You Know About Aluminum Blocks

1. Little knowledge about aluminum block

Aluminum is a silver-white metal that can be made into: aluminum blocks, deoxidized aluminum blocks, aluminum pellets, steel core aluminum, aluminum wires, aluminum cakes, aluminum ingots, etc. Product styles are: rod, flake, foil, powder, ribbon, silk, etc. We know that aluminum has its ranking in the periodic table of chemical elements, and its ranking is at the top, so it can be seen that it is quite precious. In fact, we usually use it a lot. Regarding the properties of aluminum, from a physical point of view, its color is silvery white, which has good extensibility. Put it in a humid environment, it will produce a good anti-corrosion protective film. From a chemical point of view, and igniting them will allow us to see beautiful sparks. As a derivative product of aluminum, aluminum block also has the above characteristics.

2. The production of aluminum blocks

The production of aluminum block consists of bauxite mining, alumina production, and aluminum electrolysis. Due to the different characteristics of the three types of bauxite, each alumina production enterprise adopts different production processes, mainly including Bayer method, soda lime sintering method and Bayer-sintering combined method. Now aluminum blocks have been widely used in many industries, such as construction, transportation, and related production. Therefore, the application of aluminum blocks is also very extensive, and they are commonly used in daily life.

As for the deoxidized aluminum block, we know that it has many properties. Regardless of whether the deoxidized aluminum blocks are massive, they are very light and have good extensibility. Therefore, it can be modified according to your needs, not only limited to its appearance, but also its electrical and thermal conductivity are very good. Moreover, the deoxidized aluminum block has some advantages such as strong oxidation resistance and not easy to be corroded.