How Much Do You Know About Ferro Manganese Nitride?

ferro manganese ntride is mainly used as an additive for nitrogen in steelmaking production, which can improve mechanical properties such as the strength of steel, refine grains, and stabilize austenite.

As nitrogen and manganese alloy additives, ferro manganese ntride is mainly used to produce high-strength steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and materials for automobiles, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries.

1. Main features of ferro manganese nitride

Ferro manganese ntride is an indispensable alloying agent for the production of special alloy steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant steel. It is usually obtained by filling nitrogen with medium and low-carbon ferromanganese.

Ferro manganese ntride has high content of main elements, low content of harmful impurities such as phosphorus, high utilization rate of nitrogen after being added to the melt, and small addition amount. Nitrogen can increase the strength and plasticity of steel, expand the austenite zone, refine the grains, and improve its processing performance. Nitrided metal manganese can replace part of nickel to reduce costs.

2. Identification method of ferro manganese nitride

Nitrogen in ferro manganese ntride can be determined by strong base distillation separation-sulfamic acid titration method. The method is easy to operate and the analysis result is reliable.

Manganese in ferro manganese ntride can be determined by potentiometric titration, ammonium nitrate oxidation titration and perchloric acid oxidation titration. The primary and secondary relationship of the factors affecting the determination of manganese content in silico-manganese alloys is: heating temperature>smoke time>perchloric acid dosage>phosphoric acid dosage.