Practical Application of Aluminum Pellets in Production

Aluminum pellets are also known as aluminum sand. Aluminum pellets are refined by repeated drawing, cutting, grinding and other processes of aluminum ingots containing 99% aluminum. The appearance is bright, cylindrical, applied to the surface of aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpieces.

Ⅰ. Practical application of aluminum pellets in production

Aluminum pellets for casting is a silver-white metal product, which has very good anti-corrosion properties, and is the main raw material for making other aluminum products. In the current production, it has very good practicability. It is a product formed after repeated polishing. Its appearance is very bright, so it is now widely used on the surface of some products, which greatly improves the aesthetics of the product itself.

In the current industrial development, according to the different production requirements, it is divided into deoxidized aluminum pellets, small aluminum pellets, etc., which is in line with the current great development of socialization. It is widely used in surface finishing treatment of aluminum castings and copper and zinc castings, sandblasting and polishing of various metal surfaces, deburring and burr removal of cast workpieces, and sandblasting and polishing of the surface of blades and cast products. It can make your product smooth, clean, shiny, and achieve the whitening effect, with very good aesthetics and practicality.

Nowadays, with the economic development, people pay more attention to the ornamental nature of products. As one of practical metallurgy and materials of industry, aluminum particles are very important to improve the quality of products. For example, the surface of the products using aluminum particles is very smooth, and the castings can be polished at the same time. It can also be used in combination with stainless steel products, which makes the product itself smooth and smooth. The service life is greatly enhanced, and it is more commercial and practical. Nowadays, aluminum products are mostly used for cooking food, so there is a very large requirement for the high temperature resistance of the product. In practice, the high temperature resistance is very good, so it is now very much recognized in the market.

Ⅱ. There are aluminum pellets in the raw materials of missiles

Missiles are high-tech products that everyone is afraid of. Defending the country is also a symbol of national military strength. However, aluminum pellets have a place in the raw materials for making missiles. What is going on? Thermite is often used to melt refractory metals and weld steel rails, and aluminum is also used as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking process. Aluminium particles, graphite, titanium dioxide (or oxides of other high melting point metals) are uniformly mixed in a certain ratio, then coated on the metal and calcined at high temperature to make high temperature resistant cermet. It has important applications in rocket and missile technology.

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