Processing Advantages of Cored Wire

The cored wire feeding equipment is much simpler than the powder spraying method. Feeding the cored wire only requires a wire feeder, a wire pay-off machine, and a simple conveying system for the caged wire coil. The powder spraying method requires a powder dispenser protected by a protective gas, a fluidization system, a flow location and pressure regulating device, and pneumatic equipment, which is really a complicated device.


There are still many operational problems with the powder spraying method. The powder biting parameters will vary with the particle size of the powder, and the relative airflow rate is also very critical. It must be accurate enough to ensure the fluidization and processing of the powder, but it must not be too high to cause excessive cooling of the spray gun head, thereby causing blockage of the biting gun. In addition, the air velocity will also stimulate resonance, which may affect the system's exploration. All of these problems require professional and skilled personnel to carry out biting work. In the cored wire feeding operation, no advanced trained experts are required.


The cored wire for steel making technology makes it easy to draw several wires into the same steel ladle. However, it is very complicated to do this by powder spraying. Thus, cored wire manufacturer prefer using cored wire technology.


The powder spraying method can only be carried out in the ladle with molten steel which is deep enough, and the wire feeding method can be used for any type of ladle.

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