Custom Aluminum Products For Steel Making

Yurui' s product lines consist of crushing, cladding, melting and molding, etc.  We manufacture various of metallurgical materials, such as aluminum cored wire and other aluminum products for steel making. A range of specifications is available for customization. Contact us to custom aluminum products for your special projects and application requirements.


Through professional production and strict inspection, we are able to provide various kinds of products for customers. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products on the steelmaking material market.

What Cored Wire Support Yurui Offer For You?
  • Technical Guide
    Technical specification for cored wire Instructions for cored wire equipment Control the production technology process Technology standard and operation rules Final inspection procedure for quality of coated wire production
  • Alloy Cored Wire Process
    Purchasing the raw material→Inspection and acceptance→Crushing into powder→Batching→Roll→Final inspection→Packing→Delivery
  • Cored Wire Operation Specification
    Cored wire is a linear material that is formed by powder additives of a certain size and wrapping in a continuous thin steel strip, with the help of a wire feeding machine to make the cored wire at a certain speed through the surface to the inner steel or iron of ladle.
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FAQs of Cored Wire for Steel Making

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