Aluminum Pellets

Custom Aluminum Pellets & Grain

Aluminum granules are refined by repeated drawing, cutting, and grinding of 99.5 aluminum ingot. Bright appearance, cylindrical, applied to the surface of aluminum, zinc, or thin-walled workpiece. 

It is widely used in the surface finishing of aluminum castings, copper and zinc castings, sandblasting and polishing of various metal surfaces, deburring and deburring of casting workpieces, sandblasting and polishing of edge surface, and casting product surface, etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Particles & Granule

1. It has a great affinity with oxygen and nitrogen, nitrogen fixation.

2. It can refine grain, inhibit the aging of carbon steel, and improve the toughness of steel at low temperature.

Specifications of Aluminum Grain & Pellets

Al granuleAl99.5Customized

Aluminum pellets for casting

  • Aluminum pellets for casting have good casting properties and can be used to make parts with complex shapes.

  • No need for huge additional equipment.

  • With the advantages of reducing cost, aluminum pellets for casting are widely used in the aviation industry and civil industry.

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FAQ of Aluminum Pellets

  • Which industries can aluminum pellets be used in?

    Aluminum particles, also known as aluminum grain, are widely used in automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, container, machinery manufacturing, metal casting, metal surface treatment and other industries. The products are known as "beauticians of metal surface".

  • What are the product characteristics of aluminum pellets?

    1. It has high sphericity, less impurity content and more than 98% active aluminum.

    2. Aluminum grain has a silver-white appearance, no foreign inclusions and agglomerations, low moisture content, long-term storage.

    3. The product has a uniform particle size and narrow distribution range.

    4. High compaction density.

  • What can aluminum pellets be used with?

    Aluminum particles can be used together with stainless steel sand and stainless steel shot. When using aluminum pellets for casting, the surface of workpiece would be whiter and brighter.

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