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Advantages Of Aluminum Wire (AL wire)

1. To calm liquid steel, aluminum wire can play a role in preventing bubbles from forming during the solidification of molten steel.

2. The dispersed AIN particles are formed and the nitrogen in the molten steel is fixed, control the austenite grain size of steel during heating, increase the temperature of grain accelerating, reduce the overheated sensitivity and hardenability of steel, improve the welding performance of steel.

3. Inhibit aging characteristics of low carbon steel.

4. Lower the notch sensitivity of steel and ductile-brittle transition temperature.

Specifications of Aluminum Wire (ALU wire)

Coil outer dia.
Coil inner dia.
Coil height
Coil length
Al wireAl99.5110060011004500-5000

Above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers' requirements.

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FAQ of Aluminum Wire

  • How to connect the aluminum wire firmly?

    Aluminum wires can be connected by pressure or welded by special welding tools. Please be noted that copper wire and alu wire can not be directly connected through copper aluminum clamps.

  • Why can't copper wire and aluminum wire be connected together?

    1. The potentials of copper and aluminum are different, the copper and aluminum joints will have poor contact over time.

    2. The connection of the two cables will accelerate the oxidation of alu wire (that is, rust), which will affect the use.

    3. it will cause galvanic corrosion of alu wire and increases the contact resistance at the junction of copper and aluminum.

  • What is the classification of aluminum wire?

    Al wire can be divided according to cross section shape, such as ellipse aluminum wire and circle aluminum wire. It can also be categorized into pure aluminum wire and alloy aluminum wire based on material. Besides, it can be categorized into industrial aluminum wire and process aluminum wire according to its application. The classification bases on aluminum wire gauge would be more detailed. Yurui is one of the leading aluminum wire manufacturers and aluminum wire suppliers offering different al wire of various specifications, please contact us to check more details and get the aluminium wire price per meter.

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