Carbon Cored Wire

Custom Carbon Cored Wire

Carbon Cored Wire Utilisation

Carbon Cored Wire is used for recarburization in steel making.

It can control the carbon content of the steel.

It can reduce the production cost.

Advantages of Carbon Cored Wire

1. It is beneficial to control the carbon content of steel, the yield of carbon is greater than 90% and stable;

2. Reduce production cost and environmental pollution;

3. Storage time is long.

Specifications of Carbon Cored Wire

Steel strip thickness
Powder weight

1. The outer diameter of the coil: 1100mm

2. The inner diameter of the coil: 600mm

3. Height of coil: 1100mm

4. Length of wire: 4500-5000m

The above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers' requirements.

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FAQ of Carbon Cored Wire

  • What is the composition of carbon cored wire?

    Carbon cored wire is made of high-quality carbon powder as the core, and then the cold-rolled steel strip is used as the outer surface of the wire, which is pressed by professional pressing equipment. Carbon cored wire has the advantage of customizable content index.

  • Where can carbon cored wire be applied?

    Carbon cored wire is widely used in steel-making carburization and casting inoculation graphitization treatment process. At present, carbon cored wire is gradually moving to major steel-making and foundry plants. Compared with traditional coke and scrap carburization, carbon cored wire has the advantages of low cost and good carburization reaction.

  • How to use carbon cored wire?

    It should be noted that the manufacturer should be equipped with professional wire feeding equipment to use the carbon cored wire. When in use, the carbon cored wire should be inserted into the molten steel or molten iron at 45 ° to make the carbon cored wire reach the predetermined ideal depth. When the steel strip melts, it can achieve good carburization effect and graphitization effect.

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