Cr-Fe Nitride Cored Wire

Cr-Fe Nitride Cored Wire

Cr-Fe Nitride Cored Wire Utilisation

Ferro chrome-nitride cored wire is widely used in smelting nitrogen-bearing steel in electric furnaces and oxygen converter. 

Nitrogen is an austenitic forming element, which is added as a component of chrome-manganese and chrome-manganese nickel stainless steel to replace the scarce nickel.

Advantages of Ferro Chromium Ntride Cored Wire

1. Improve the strength and plasticity of steel, enlarge the austenite zone, refine grain and improve its machining performance.

2. It can partially replace the nickel to reduce the cost.

Specifications of Ferro Chromium Ntride Cored Wire

Steel strip thickness
Powder weight

1. Outer diameter of coil: 1100mm

2. Inner diameter of coil: 600mm

3. Height of coil: 1100mm

4. Length of coil: 4500-5000m

Above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers' requirements.

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