Ferro Aluminum

Custom Ferro Aluminum (Aluminium Iron Alloy)

Ferro Aluminum Utilisation

Ferro aluminum is a compound deoxidizer.

It is used for deoxidizing alloying of low carbon aluminum killed steel, to get a good effect of deoxidization. 

It is especially suitable for the deoxidizing requirement of continuous casting steel.

The Advantages of Ferro Aluminum (Aluminium Iron Alloy)

  • To make the finished steel composition (especially carbon) easy to control.

  • The deoxidation alloying process is simplified, reducing the time of feeding aluminum wire and blowing argon, greatly lower the cost, guaranteed the high speed and stable requirement of continuous casting production.

  • Reduce the phenomenon of blocking and changing flow, improved the age of the middle bag, to ensure the smooth continuous casting steel.

  • The Ferro aluminum not only meets the requirement of deoxidization in steelmaking but also has the advantages of desulphurization, strong penetration.

  • Ferro aluminum Improves the quality of steel, reduces the cost, and saves on the use of aluminum.

Specifications of Ferro Aluminum (Iron and Aluminium Alloy)


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FAQ of Ferro Aluminum

  • Where can I use ferro aluminium?

    Ferro aluminium, also known as iron aluminum alloy, is made of iron and aluminum in a certain ratio (normally 35% to 65%). Iron and aluminum alloy can be used in specific processes as the agent, such as steel deoxidising. Yurui is able to offer customed ferro aluminium, to check more specifications and iron aluminum alloy price, please contact us now!

  • What are the applications of ferro aluminum in industry?

    According to the different range of aluminum content, ferro aluminum is most suitable for deoxidation, electrode manufacturing and hard surface application. In addition, this aluminium iron alloy is used in aluminum iron thermite, which in turn is used to cut or weld metal.

  • What is the production principle of ferroaluminium?

    Aluminum is produced from synthetic cryolite or bauxite and then converted to Al2O3 by electrolysis (Bayer process). The resulting oxide is then mixed with iron oxide. Then ferroaluminium will be purified. Ferro aluminium are divided into several grades, of which the content of pure ferroaluminium is between 30% and 75%. Ferro aluminium are usually supplied in the form of powder, particles or fragments.

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