Si-Ca-Ba Cored Wire

Custom Silicon Calcium Barium Cored Wire

Silicon Calcium Barium Cored Wire Utilisation

Silicon Calcium Barium Cored Wire is a good deoxidizer and desulfurizer.

Barium effectively reduces the vapor pressure of calcium in the temperature range of steelmaking.

It increases the solubility of calcium in molten steel, the recovery rate of calcium is higher than that of si-ca alloy.

Advantages of Silicon Calcium Barium Cored Wire

1. Strong deoxidization ability, good liquidity of molten steel, the nodulation problem of continuous casting nozzle is solved thoroughly.

2. Significantly increase the recovery rate of silicon and manganese, etc, reduce the amount of toner.

3. The desulfurization effect is obvious and the steelmaking cycle is shortened.

4. Wide range of applications, reduce deoxygenation cost.

Specifications of Si-Ca-Ba Cored Wire (Silicon Calcium Barium)

Steel strip thickness
Powder weight

1. Outer diameter of coil: 1100mm

2. Inner diameter of coil: 600mm

3. Height of coil: 1100mm

4. Length of coil: 4500-5000m

Above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers' requirements.

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