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Ti-Fe Cored Wire

Custom Ti-Fe Cored Wire

Ti-Fe Cored Wire Utilisation

Titanium iron cored wire is a strong oxidizing agent.

It is widely used in the smelting of stainless steel and tool steel, etc.

It can increase the strength, corrosion resistance, and stability of steel.

Advantages of Ferro Titanium Iron Cored Wire

1. Reduce segregation of ingot, improve its quality, increase the yield of alloy.

2. Titanium has strong nitrogen fixation, It can reduce alloy consumption and production cost, increase the strength, corrosion resistance, and stability of steel, and improve the properties of cast iron.

Specifications of Ferro Titanium Iron Cored Wire

Steel strip thickness
Powder weight

1. Outer diameter of coil: 1100mm

2. Inner diameter of coil: 600mm

3. Height of coil: 1100mm

4. Length of coil: 4500-5000m

Above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers' requirements.

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FAQ of Ti-Fe Cored Wire

  • What is the role of ferro titanium in steelmaking?

    Ferro titanium is used as deoxidizer, degasser and carbon sulfur stabilizer in steelmaking. Titanium deoxidation can reduce the segregation in the upper part of ingot, improve the quality of steel and increase the yield of ingot.

  • What is the principle of ferro titanium?

    If add Ti Fe wire in steelmaking, the titanium and nitrogen dissolved in liquid steel can combine to form stable titanium nitride, which can eliminate the adverse effect of nitrogen on steel properties. Titanium and sulfur in molten steel form titanium sulfide, which can eliminate the formation of iron sulfide which leads to hot embrittlement. Titanium and carbon form extremely stable titanium carbide. The particles of titanium carbide can prevent the grain growth of steel, refine the structure of steel and improve the strength of steel.

  • What is the composition of Ti Fe wire?

    Ferro titanium is a kind of ferroalloy whose main components are titanium and iron. It also contains aluminum, silicon, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese and other impurities. According to the different titanium content, there are three varieties:

    • FeTi30 (Ti 25.0% - 35.0%, Al < 8.5%, Si < 5.0%)

    • FeTi40 (Ti 35.0% - 45.0%, Al < 9.5%, Si < 4.0%) 

    • FeTi70 (Ti 65% - 75%, Al 10.5% - 5%, Si < 0.5%)

    In addition, a variety of titanium containing composite alloys, which are used as titanium additives.

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