Quality Control

The responsibility definition of product quality control

1. Purchased products (raw and auxiliary material): supply manager.

2. In the production process: production manager.

3. Before passing inspection and storage: quality department manager.

4. After storage: warehouse logistics manager

Control the production process  

When the production department start-up and change the specifications, the first inspection by the inspector of the quality department. The contents include appearance,size,logo,etc. Volume production can be carried out after the qualification of the first inspection. And the inspector must responsible for the routine inspection during the production process, truthfully record the quality situation of products, when finding the unusual phenomenon, reflect the minister on duty and operator immediately.

Products in the dispute or that cannot be quickly judged should be placed in the waiting area, issue inspection reports for unqualified products.

Quality control of product performance

The tester of the quality department shall carry out a spot check on the physical properties of the products with qualified appearance size according to relevant inspection standards. A sampling at the production site, The tester must check the quantity, size, and mark of the product on the spot, Sample can be taken after confirmation. If in doubt, should promptly reflect the on-duty quality inspector, If any quality problem is found in the process of physical performance test, it should be reported to the superior leader in time, and reinspect according to the standard, If still not qualified, then issued the notice of nonconforming products to the production department in time, and the quality department organizes the relevant departments for analysis, isolate non-conforming products by the finished products warehouse.

Control the quality of finished products before shipment

Before the delivery of the finished products, inspectors shall carry out a spot check on the shipped products and record them. If found unqualified products, the shipment of this batch of products will be suspended and all products will be re-inspected.

Daily work inspection for a responsible person

The leader and the person in charge of the quality department must always grasp the quality awareness and ideological status of the quality inspection team, strengthening the training of education, improve accountability, catch the weak link, grasp the learning, training, examination, grasp the first, promote the backward, survival of the fittest, the department leader should inspect in-depth to the daily work, strengthening the supervision and management of daily inspection work.