What is CASI Alloy Cored Wire

There are many types of alloys. Different metal elements and non-metal elements can react and combine to produce various products, cored wire for steel making can be used in different fields. Silicon and calcium have a certain affinity for oxygen and can interact with it. The reaction plays a role in removing oxygen molecules. Among them, the casi cored wire especially makes the role of the calcium-silicon more effectively.

Features of Calcium Wire

1. Continuous casting deoxidation; prevents nodules; improves the yield of alloy.

2. It works on alloys of different steel grades.

3. Casi cored wire is suitable for steelmaking deoxidation and desulfurization. It can improve the performance of steel, increase the plasticity, impact the toughness and fluidity of molten steel. It also has the characteristics of directly entering the molten steel to melt and evenly distribute.

Classification of Calcium Wire

The alloy cored wire is made of a steel strip wrapped with alloy powder. According to the different alloy powders, it can be divided into calcium silicon cored wire, silicon manganese calcium wire, silicon calcium barium wire, barium aluminum wire, aluminum calcium wire, calcium iron wire, pure calcium cored wire, and so on. The winding looks like a coil. Different from the cored wire used in the textile industry.

Advantages of Calcium Wire

With the development of the steelmaking industry, the substantial growth of the variety of steel, the gradual increase in the continuous casting ratio, and the continuous improvement of the refining technology outside the furnace have contributed to the successful development of the wire feeding technology. The wire feeding technology has greater advantages than powder spraying and directly adding alloy blocks.


Compared with the alloy products in the form of silicon-calcium alloy blocks, granules, and spheres, the casi cored wire has higher purity, a more obvious deoxidation effect, and more stable production, which can make the performance of the steel more uniform and stable.

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