Yurui Metallurgical Material

Silicon and Calcium Cored Wire

An important product is needed in industrial steelmaking, that is casi cored wire. When you try to understand the cored wire products, you will definitely know the wire feeding process knowledge of the cored wire. Then how much do you know about the thread technology of the calcium silicate cored wire? Now let's introduce the wire feeding technology of cored wire for steel making in detail.

The feeding method of casi cored wire uses simple equipment and features convenient operation, small footprint, small investment, safety and reliability, low processing cost, no smoke, small temperature drop (5~7℃), and low liquid steel suction. It does not need to consume refractory materials and carrier gas, and the alloy has a high absorption rate. It is an effective and simple method of external refining for deoxidation, desulfurization, alloy fine-tuning, and the control of the shape of inclusions.

Compared with the bulk material input method, the wire feeding method has the characteristics of high yield and high refining hit rate and is suitable for micro-adjustment of alloy elements in steel. The advantages of the thread feeding method compared with the powder spraying method are as follows:

1. The agitation of the molten steel caused by it is much smaller than that of the powder spraying method, which reduces splashing and liquid steel inhalation.


2. The temperature loss is reduced by 3~6 times, about 5~7℃/min.


3. It can precisely adjust the chemical composition of molten steel.


4. Adding proper amount of Ca-Si according to the content of aluminum and sulfur can completely improve the shape of inclusions.


5. The investment cost and operating cost are lower.

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