Technical Guide

Instructions for cored wire equipment

Cored wire equipment is made up of a steel belt output machine, cored wire forming machine, coil rewinding machine, electrical control cabinet. It can produce cored wire of diameter 8-16mm only through change the deformation wheel of cored wire forming machine.

1. The main specification and technology performance of alloy cored wire production equipment unit

1) Cored wire diameter: 13~13.5mm

2) Speed: 

  • xy1cored wire forming machine (0~30)m/min, rewinding machine(0~30)r/min

  • xy2cored wire forming machine (0~90)m/min, rewinding machine(0~90)r/min

  • new cored wire forming machine(0~120)m/min, rewinding machine(0~120)r/min

3) Size of coil: inner dia.×height×outter dia. (mm)  Ø600×800×Ø1100  

4) operators of each machine: 2-5

2. Operating procedure

1) Close the main power switch in the operating cabinet.

2) Press the power start button, at this point, the prime mover of the main motor on the main engine starts running.

3. Start the main engine:

1) Press the start button, at this point, the prime mover of the main motor on the main engine starts running.

2) Turn on the switch on the speed regulating box of the main engine, rotating potentiometer, up to the required speed.

4. Press the vibration start button, start the vibration motor.

5. Start the rewinding

1) Press the rewinding start button.

2) Turn on the switch on the torque electrical control cabinet, rotating potentiometer, make the rewinding rotate normally.

6. Rewinding operation

Keep watching on the winding situation of rewinding machine, when the rewinding machine wind to one side, change direction manually immediately, line up the wire.

7. Unload the coil 

Stop the machine when the cored wire reaches the specified number of layers at the edge of the reel, loose bolts, use a crane to lift down the wire coil.

Control the production technology process

Cored wire production flow chart

Purchasing the raw material→Inspection and acceptance→Crushing     

into powder→Batching→Roll→Final inspection→Packing→Delivery

The key production process of cored wire: the batching of cored wire and rolling; special process: spot welding

Implement the following controls for critical and special processes

1. Strict requirements for equipment, facility capacity, and maintenance. Keep maintenance records, relevant staff to conduct job training and assessment.

2. Operation instruction: technology department confirm the best technical specification, and in charge of working out production instruction, implementation after approval by the responsible leaders, to guarantee the product quality.

3. Process inspection: the monitoring of the production process shall be recorded, fill in the relevant production and inspection record.

4. Equipment, overhauling, maintenance: Use appropriate production service equipment, arrange a suitable working environment. Maintain the equipment according to the regulations, Daily maintenance is carried out separately by the workshop according to the equipment conditions for which they are responsible.

Technology standard and operation rules

1. Technology requirement of raw material

1) The quality requirement of calcium: calcium content must be greater than 98%, particle granularity is 1-3mm, packing use the nitrogen filling to protect, iron drum sealing.  

2) Quality requirements of secondary reduction iron powder: Ferro content must be greater than 98%, Si≤0.3%, S ≤0.04%, P≤0.04%, C≤0.3%  

3) Quality requirements of steel belt: mainly adopt Q235A.F-P-II-Q-R steel belt to produce, the physical performance, A≥30%, HV5: 85-110, Rm≥300Mpa, steel strip thickness:0.4~0.42mm, width:55±0.1mm

4) Storage requirements of raw material: Qualified material place according to the company requirement

2. Requirements of production technology

1) Checking the production line before turning on the machine; steel belt, calcium, and Ferro powder must be carried to the site, handle with care when carrying them, ensure to accord with the requirements of raw material protection; organize to produce after each work is prepared.

2) Make sure that there is enough calcium and Ferro powder in the stock bin before production, it must be added timely when the material is a shortage, and keep watching on the volume of raw material in the stock bin. No raw materials in the stock bin can not roll production. After each feeding, seal the calcium bin;after production, the calcium on the belt needs to be encased. 

Attention: It is strictly prohibited to stand under heavy objects when feeding. The calcium should be carried out from the stock bin and sealed storage when the machine stops working for more than 2 days. 

3) The normal production speed should be 20-30m/min, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to adjust the speed and size of the feed opening.

4) Produce strictly according to the technical requirements, fill in each content on the production record by the main operator, quality control supervisor inspect and report collection.

5) Measure one meter at the end of each reel, measure the weight of the steel belt, powder and calcium and the wire diameter, calculate the proportion of Ca and Fe and seriously record.

6) Register, label, and alone storage the products that don't meet the above requirements.

7) Packing: the qualified products should be packed by the requirements, and mark the variety and date of production on the packing shelf, neatly stacked in the finished product area.

Final inspection procedure for quality of coated wire production

Our company's process monitoring, process inspection, final inspection, packaging, marking, storage and transportation, and quality certificate of the cored wire products are against the requirements of the black industry standard of the state administration of metallurgical industry.