The Expanded Meeting Of Directors Of Cored Wire Industry Association Was Held Smoothly

The 12th cored wire industry chain conference was held from August 16 to 18,2018.Our company(Jiangyin Yurui Metallurgical Material Co.,Ltd.)is honored to become one of the vice chairman units。In recent years,due to the price competition of domestic market,the problem in price is industrial value-added tax,price competition in the tax point make the development environment of enterprise worse.Because there is no industrial intellectual property awareness in the industry,make the market cautious,Even if there is a good product, they dare not bring it to market directly.The industry urgently needs to set up trade associations,to facilitate the benign development of enterprises,information sharing,establish industrial brand,based on the core line industry chain,serve for the enterprise, formulate rules and regulations of the association,achieve a win-win situation.At present,the threshold for association formation has been raised,it need funds and the proportion of the association.


  • The international environment is in turmoil:

1. Under the competition of sino-us trade dispute,it potentially impact the China's stock market, steel and aluminum tariffs and ferroalloys;

2.The difference between domestic market competition and foreign production technology of cored wire;

3. Under the competition of cored wire and export of raw material,exporters are squeezing step by step.

The competition of domestic market environment has no bottom line:

1. The distribution of cored wire enterprises and capacity are small,over 100 practitioners,the market is very competitive.

2.Terminal procurement enterprises formed their own independent cored wire supply,The enterprise develops towards the closure of the industrial chain;

3. Domestic environmental protection tends to be stricter,The development innovation model of practitioner is advancing,New products and technologies cannot be protected under the homogenization competition,to be replicated faster.



  • The development vision of enterprises:

1.Limited by domestic production technology,known the gap with the international production enterprise,Domestic enterprises are interested in visiting and studying with advanced domestic and foreign enterprises;

2. At present, the industry is developing towards production-learning-research-application,the enterprise has been established with the metallurgical r & d professional research institutions;

3. The formation of the cored wire association is imminent,the formulation of product standard for core wire,Cooperate with new industrial technology to enhance product market competitiveness,expanding the scale of industry.



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