The Role of Cored Wire Refining Outside the Furnace

1. Introduction of cored wire

Cored wire is a means of assisting steel smelting. Through this method of refining outside the furnace, the performance of molten steel can be significantly improved, which is very helpful for enterprises to reduce steelmaking costs.

The cored wire technology is a method of refining outside the furnace produced with the advancement of science and technology. The alloy cored wire is used for steelmaking, which can purify the shape of steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, and can significantly increase the yield of ferroalloys and reduce alloy consumption and steelmaking costs.

2. The role of cored wire refining outside the furnace

An effective method of refining outside the furnace is to use cored wire for metal treatment in the ladle. The cored wire uses a pinch to add chemicals, deoxidizers and alloy elements to the liquid metal, which can reduce energy and material costs, improve the absorption of alloy elements during smelting and reduce their dispersion, and remove sulfur and non-metal in the molten metal so as to improve the quality of metal products.

At this time, it can also improve the fluidity and castability of molten steel on the continuous casting device and in the steel mold, reduce splashing into the atmosphere, and reduce equipment costs and production-consumption. The steel sheath of the cored wire can protect the active agent from the effects of atmosphere and moisture during storage and transportation, prevent its oxidation when passing through the slag layer, and ensure the required rigidity for insertion into a given depth of the melt.

When changing the speed, diameter, thickness of the cored wire and the quantitative relationship of each component of the filler, the contact time between the agent and the molten steel, and their interaction speed can be adjusted.