Typical Applications of Powder Metallurgy

The application range of powder metallurgy products is very wide. It can be seen from general machinery manufacturing to precision instruments; from hardware tools to large-scale machinery; from electronics industry to motor manufacturing; from civil industry to military industry; from general technology to high-end technology, powder metallurgy technology can be seen.

Typical Application of powder metallurgy materials - Automotive Industry

A large number of parts made of powder metallurgy materials are used in automobiles.

1. Engine parts

In order to improve fuel economy and control emissions, the working conditions of automobile engines have become more severe. By using the powder metallurgy valve seat, valve guide, VCT and sprocket, etc., the engines have the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and excellent heat resistance.

2. Transmission parts

Combining the nearly-formed synchronizer ring gear with dual friction materials and high-strength materials, the world's first clutch hub was made. In addition, high-strength parts such as handle shift gears and shift forks are manufactured through high-temperature sintering.

The transmission components that use powder metallurgy in automobiles mainly include: synchronizer hub, synchronizer ring, parking components, column shift components and control levers, etc.

3. Shock absorber parts

In the shock absorbers of automobiles and motorcycles, piston rods and piston guide valves are very important. Considering the stable damping force of the shock absorber, the use of parts that are made of powder metallurgy materials with a high-precision sheet surface can reduce friction, ensure the stability of handling, and improve ride comfort.

Typical Application of powder metallurgy materials - Aerospace Industry

One type of the powder metallurgy materials used in the aviation industry is special functional materials, such as friction materials, antifriction materials, sealing materials, filter materials, etc., which are mainly used for auxiliaries, instruments, and airborne equipment of the aircraft and engine. The other type of powder metallurgy materials is high-temperature and high-strength structural materials, which are mainly used for important structural parts on the main engine of aircraft engines.

Typical Application-Household Appliances

Some household appliances materials and parts can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy, such as porous self-lubricating bearings in refrigerators, compressors, washing machines, electric fans, etc. Some household electrical appliances materials and parts are manufactured by powder metallurgy methods with better quality and lower prices, such as complex-shaped gears and magnets in exhaust fans of household air-conditioning and vacuum cleaners.

In addition to the application areas listed above, there are also power tools and electronic consumer products that are closely related to our lives. If you want to know more, you can consult Jiangyin Yurui Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd.