What Are the Precautions for Purchasing the Alu Wire? How to Weld It?

What are the precautions for buying aluminum wire? Faced with the large number of aluminum products on the market, consumers tend to become blind in choice. They believe in prices too credulously and underestimate quality. In fact, it is not easy to select a good aluminum material. Many factors must be considered in order to obtain a satisfactory product.

1. What are the precautions for buying AL wire?

First, take quality as the guide. Consumers are smart, and they always focus on good products. Quality is undoubtedly the key. It not only affects the use effect of the AL wire, but also determines the service life of it. Therefore, whether it is for consumers or for businesses, we must attach importance to quality. Taking quality as the forerunner and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of your own brand is conducive to competition to a large extent.

Secondly, the high cost performance can move people's hearts even more. Whenever you go to the supermarket for discounts and promotions, it will attract many people to rush to buy it frantically. The same product is cheaper than the previous price. In the eyes of consumers, this undoubtedly represents a high cost performance. It can be seen that the price/performance ratio is an important indicator of whether a product should be bought or not in the minds of consumers. Therefore, aluminum wire suppliers should not only pay attention to quality, but also price, and provide consumers with aluminum with higher cost performance.

2. The welding method of AL wire

Piercing type crimping terminals have been developed with high pressure piercing type crimping terminals to solve the conduction and oxidation problems. This connection method is better for aluminum wire motors above φ1.0mm. In fact, its service life is shorter than that of copper wires. In addition, the molecular activity of copper and aluminum is not the same, so the potential difference is still relatively large. This feature will cause the problem of potential corrosion when energized, so the resistance of the connection point will gradually become larger, the temperature will become higher, and the power will not be energized when it is severe. This requires that the temperature rise of the aluminum wire of the motor design cannot be used above the F level. . The contact length and area of the aluminum wire and the copper lead are larger than the traditional pure copper wire, and it is guaranteed to be above 5mm.

3. What is the purpose of deoxidized AL wire?

Deoxidizing aluminum wire is a commonly used deoxidizer in modern steelmaking and production. The main functions of deoxidized aluminum wire are: to calm the molten steel and prevent bubbles from being generated when the molten steel is solidified; form dispersed AlN particles, fix the nitrogen in the steel, control the austenite grain size when the steel is heated, and improve the grain coarsening Temperature, reduce the overheating sensitivity and hardenability of steel, improve the welding performance of steel; inhibit the aging characteristics of low carbon steel; reduce the notch sensitivity and ductile brittle transition temperature of steel.

The quality standard of deoxidized aluminum wire: round, uniform size. The surface is clean, and there are no folds, wrong rounds, cracks, inclusions, kinks, and other defects that are harmful to use.