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What Are the Uses of Different Alloy Cored Wires

Alloy plays an important role in the process of steelmaking. The types of alloys are also diverse. Different alloy products contain different elements and therefore have different functions in the steelmaking process. Most of the alloys are used as deoxidizers in the steelmaking process, and they also have the functions of desulfurization and dephosphorization. 

In order to improve the deoxidation efficiency of the alloy, alloy cored wires are used instead of alloy bulk products. Here, Yurui, a manufacturer of silicon calcium alloy cored wire, will introduce the types, specifications and uses of cored wires.

Carbon core wire Φ13, is used for adjusting the carbon composition of molten steel;

Sulfur core wire Φ13 makes steel-cutting easy;

Calcium core wire Φ13 is deep deoxidized, and can improve the shape of inclusions;

Silicon calcium barium wire Φ13 is deoxidized and desulfurized;

Silicon calcium wire Φ13 prevents nodulation and deoxidization of continuous casting;

Titanium wire Φ13 is the deoxidation adjustment component of stainless steel;

Aluminum wire Φ13 is deoxidized;

Rare earth magnesium wire Φ9 and Φ13 are used for nodulizing.

The uses of alloy cored wire:

1. It is used for continuous casting and deoxidization; to prevent nodulation; to improve the yield of alloy.

2. It works on alloys of different grades of steel.

Alloy cored wire is made of ribbon steel strip wrapped with alloy powder. Due to the different sources and elements contained in the alloy powder, the alloy cored wires can be divided into silicon calcium alloy cored wires, silicon manganese calcium wires, silicon calcium barium wires, calcium iron wires, pure calcium wires, and so on. Of course, its appearance and use are very different from the cored wires in the textile industry.

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