What Should Be Paid Attention to when Storing Aluminum Wire?

1. What problems should be paid attention to when storing aluminum wire?

  • Ensure that the environment where the aluminum wire is stored is ventilated and dry. Don't put it in a humid place. Everyone knows that aluminum wire is a non-ferrous metal. If it comes into contact with water, it will oxidize and the surface will be damaged. A protective film will be formed on the surface, which will form a piece of white oxidation traces , Causing the appearance to be affected, so a dry environment is a necessary condition for storage.

  • Ensure the tightness of the package. Generally speaking, the aluminum wire will have a waterproof packaging when it leaves the factory, and the appearance will be wrapped with a layer of plastic cloth, and a few packs of desiccant will be placed inside to prevent oxidation due to moisture or rainy weather during transportation. Generally speaking, it is not recommended The customer disassembles or damages the packaging, which is suitable for long-term storage.

2. Where should the aluminum wire be placed?

  • Wrap the aluminum wire with a plastic film. If conditions permit, it is best to place it in a place with a desiccant, so that the moisture in the air can be absorbed and the problem of oxidation can be avoided. Check more details about alloy cored wire.

  • If the aluminum wire is placed in a wooden box, then we must ensure that the humidity of the wooden box is less than 18%, and the temperature cannot be higher than 45°C.

  • If you suddenly change from a low temperature area to a high temperature area during the placement of the aluminum wire, do not open the package immediately, because it is easy to oxidize. We should wait for the aluminum wire to adapt before unpacking, so that it will not appear The case of oxidation.


  • If there is rain or snow leaks in the warehouse, aluminum wires should not be placed, which can easily cause oxidation. This must be remembered.