What Should Be Paid Attention to When Using Waste Aluminum to Produce Aluminum Particles?

Aluminum particles are widely used in industries such as automobiles, airplanes, shipbuilding, containers, machinery manufacturing, metal casting, metal surface treatment, and steel mill deoxidation. The aluminum particles have no other components from the raw material like aluminum ingot to the finished product, and they have no contact with other metals.

Ⅰ. Where is the danger of the fire caused by aluminum particles?

It can ignite and burn when it encounters a small ignition source in the air. Aluminum powder stained with grease in the air can easily cause spontaneous combustion or explosion if it is stored for a long time without heat collection. Moreover, the smaller the particle size of aluminum particles, the greater the risk of explosion. When the concentration in the air reaches 37 -50mg/m3, it can explode when exposed to an open flame. Therefore, in the management of chemical dangerous goods, aluminum powder is classified as a secondary flammable article.

Fires caused by aluminum particle are characterized by high flame temperature, fast burning speed, high explosive power, and strong radiant heat. When it burns, it usually presents a greenish-blue flame, emitting a dazzling silver-white light, and the explosion pressure can reach 6.3kg/cm2. It has great destructive power and hazard to surrounding buildings and personal safety.

It can be seen that it is more difficult to fight fires such as aluminum powder, aluminum blocks, aluminum wires, aluminum ingots, and aluminum beans. Therefore, all production units are required to take perfect fire prevention measures during the operation process to prevent problems before they occur, and to ensure that losses can be minimized in the event of a fire.

Ⅱ. What should be paid attention to when using scrap aluminum to produce aluminum particles?

The use of scrap aluminum to produce aluminum powder and other metallurgical materials is an important part of the secondary aluminum industry. However, it must be noted that there are certain requirements for the production and utilization of scrap aluminum. Not any scrap aluminum can produce aluminum particles. The scrap aluminum is required to be classified accurately and pretreated cleanly. The use of appropriate technology can produce aluminum products that meet the relevant standards.

Using scrap aluminum to produce aluminum particles, aluminum powder, aluminum blocks, aluminum wires, aluminum ingots, and aluminum beans has many advantages. First, the metal recovery rate is high, the second is high value, and the third is low cost. Therefore, using scrap aluminum to produce aluminum powder It is a shortcut for the utilization of scrap aluminum. However, it is worth mentioning that because most of the scrap aluminum exists in the alloy state, the aluminum metal products produced can only be ordinary grade products, and the main uses are ferroalloy production, fireworks production, steelmaking and less demanding coatings. It is impossible to produce aluminum products of very poor quality.

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