Will the Aluminum Block Rust?

Iron will rust, will aluminum block rust? Many people have questions about this. We have seen copper rusting, iron rusting, but never aluminum rusting. Doesn't aluminum rust?

1. The performance of aluminum block

Aluminum is a rich substance in the earth's crust and is an important material in the three main fields of aviation, construction, and automobiles. Aluminum has excellent properties and is one of the most economically used materials, so it is widely used today. For aluminum blocks, we know that it has many properties. Although they are lumpy, the aluminum blocks are very light and have good extensibility. So it can be modified according to your needs, not just limited to its appearance. The aluminum block has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to be corroded.

2. Will the aluminum block rust?

Of course, aluminum products such as aluminum blocks, aluminum powder, and aluminum pellets will also rust, but aluminum does not rust like iron until the rust is finished. Metal is oxidized by oxygen in the air, which is called rust. The aluminum block chemically reacts with oxygen to produce aluminum oxide, which is called aluminum rust. Aluminum rust is very thin, its thickness is only one ten thousandth of a millimeter, but it is very hard and very wear-resistant. It clings to the surface of the aluminum, so that the aluminum inside cannot reach the outside air, and prevents the aluminum from continuing to rust. Alumina film also has "opponents": one is alkali and the other is acid. When aluminum oxide encounters them, it chemically reacts to form compounds, which makes the aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum block easy to fall off.

In daily life, the dishes often contain acid and alkali components, so do not put the fruit wine in the dishes in aluminum utensils to avoid corrosion and damage to the aluminum pan. In addition, don't wipe it with emery cloth because the surface of the aluminum pan is gray. Although the aluminum pan is brighter, the aluminum pan also loses the protective film on the surface, and the aluminum pan continues to oxidize, which will affect its service life.

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